Vodka Drinks

Vodka drinks are incredibly popular. Vodka itself is one of the more versatile alcoholic beverages, because its chameleonlike mildness lends itself to complementing a variety of flavors. What other type of alcohol tastes as good with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, and tomato juice Golden Goose Sneakers (the Bloody Mary) as it does with grapefruit juice and salt (the Salty Dog)?

Recipes for Vodka Drinks

In fact, there are so many recipes for vodka drinks that even the most seasoned bartender will occasionally confuse his Seabreeze with his Cape Cod. Vodka sales reflect the versatility and popularity of vodka drinks. About 25 percent of all distilled alcohol sold in the United States is vodka.

Although most vodka cocktails find vodka paired with fruit juices, sodas, vegetable juices, or other alcohols, one of the most enduring vodka based drinks pairs it with nothing more than a hint of Vermouth. The martini has been a popular cocktail for decades, but the celebrity it has enjoyed during the past ten years is unprecedented. Hundreds of bars have opened up in its honor over the past few years.


Vodka is also found in a number of alcoholic shots, making it a staple of Bachelor parties and birthday bashes alike. The ingredients in these shots are only surpassed in ridiculousness by the flamboyance of their names. The next time you toast your mates with a Purple Woo Woo, you'll have a 900year old spirit named vodka to thank.